Bicycle Damage – Does Car Insurance Cover Damage To My Bike?

If you were injured in an accident while riding your bicycle, then there’s a chance that your car insurance may cover the damage. But how do you know if your policy covers it? Let’s take a closer look at when car insurance covers bicycle damage and how to make sure you’re covered.

Does Car Insurance Cover Bicycle Damage?
The answer is yes, but only under certain circumstances. Generally speaking, if you are injured in an accident that involves a motor vehicle, then the driver of that vehicle’s car insurance will cover the damages incurred by both parties involved in the accident. This includes any damage caused to a bicycle in the accident.

However, this does not necessarily mean that all bike accidents will be covered by car insurance—it depends on who is at fault for the accident and which type of coverage is included in the policy.

What Types of Coverage Are Included?
The most common type of coverage included with car insurance policies is liability coverage. Liability coverage pays for any injuries or damages that are caused by the driver or owner of a vehicle as a result of negligence or recklessness. In other words, if you are legally liable for an accident involving your car, then liability coverage will pay for any related expenses such as medical bills or property damage (including damage done to bicycles).

It should be noted, however, that liability coverage does not cover any personal injuries suffered by the driver or owner of a vehicle—only those experienced by other people involved in the accident.

Collision Coverage
Another type of coverage that can be included with car insurance policies is collision coverage. Collision coverage pays for any repairs needed due to damage done to your own vehicle during an accident (including damage done to bicycles). Unlike liability coverage, which only pays out if someone else was at fault for the accident, collision coverage will pay out regardless of who was at fault.

This means that even if you were responsible for causing an accident involving another person’s bike, your collision coverage would still kick in and help pay for their repairs (as long as they have not already been taken care of via another form of insurance).

Final Thoughts
In summary, it’s important to understand how car insurance works when it comes to covering bicycle damage from accidents. While some types of policies may provide some form of protection against bicycle-related expenses after an accident occurs, it ultimately depends on what type of coverage you have and who is found liable for causing the accident itself.
It’s also important to note that even if your car insurance does cover bicycle-related damages from an accident caused by yourself or another party, it won’t always cover personal injuries suffered by either party involved in the crash — only property damage can be claimed through most policies. Be sure to double-check with your insurer or accident attorney before assuming anything about what’s covered and what isn’t.

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